The faculty base of Vision India is very strong, thoroughly professional, well qualified, highly experienced and extremely motivated. The faculty engage students in a variety of ways to provide professional mentorship that builds their lives & careers.

They help every pupil to fulfil the VIHS motto – “Let’s Nurture Talent

Teaching & Motivation Technology

The teaching environment is based on love, harmony, trust and affection. The motive is not only to teach but also to build up the character, so that the pupil can lead the world in every manner.
Audio visual education system to make difficult things easier. Idle minds are nurtured into agile ones with student centered teaching style which instils confidence, initiative and develops critical and analytical skills.

The school has a committed and highly qualified teaching faculty team.,The school ranks amongst the best school in the State and has contributed to all sectors of technical &non-technical development. It has also been considered a leading light in the area of education.

1 Vishal Dudeja MCA, B.E.d Principal
2 Jyoti M.Sc. B.Ed PGT Biology
3 Pramila M.Sc. B.Ed PGT Physics
4 Asha Saini M.A. B.Ed PGT Hindi
5 Varsha M.Sc B.Ed PGT Chemistry
6 Geeta M.Sc B.Ed PGT Maths
7 Seema M.A. B.Ed. PGT English
9 Sanjeev Godara M.A. B.Ed. PGT Pol. Science
9 Mukesh M.A. B.Ed. PGT Economics
10 Ritu M.Com PGT Accounts
11 Rajesh Kumar M.A. B.Ed. PGT Phy. Education
12 Bhagyshree MCA PGT Computer Science
13 Seema Sharma M.A. B.Ed. PGT Geography
14 Dinesh M.A. B.Ed. PGT History
15 Monika M.A. B.Ed, J.B.T TGT
16 Sushma M.A. B.Ed TGT
17 Sushma J.B.T PRT
18 Nisha B.A. B.Ed PRT
19 Harikishan Dip. In Phy. Edu PTI
20 Meena NTT Nursery Teacher
21 Devender NTT Nursery Teacher