Principal Desk

We strongly believe that education is the foundation of all progress, individual or nation. Education also prepares the students to face the challenges of life; it builds their character and personality. Education equips them and hones their mental skills, so that they can realize their true potential. It builds their capacity to cope up with the challenges and complexities of life. The prosperity and progress of our country depends on our talented human resource. The children/students of today would go on to take up the responsibility of nation building with their intellect and mind. It is the moral responsibility of both parents and schools to take the first step in nurturing the talent of our children.

With intention of strengthening the foundation of education “The Bhageshwari Education Service & Training Society” established VISION INDIA SCHOOL as premier institute in 2005. We have taken up the mission to prepare and groom our children to shoulder the responsibilities of self development and nation building. At Vision India School , we impart education in a dynamic way, focusing on moral values, intellect, health, and holistic development of our children so that they can venture into the world outside with their heads held high brimming with courage and confidence.

We nurture our children to be happy, to be able to express themselves freely, to realize their potential and to be the best. I am pleased to note and declare that in a very short time Vision India School has earned a special place and it is considered as one of the best budding school among the CBSE-Affiliated

Vishal Dudeja