About us

The school is affiliated to CBSE upto secondary level and has academic programmes from pre-primary to 12th Class. The school aims to provide knowledge through application of modern techniques and teaching aids. It follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern of Assessment/ Evaluation to make the teaching-learning a stress-free and enjoyable process. Here, education is child- centered, under the guidance of dynamic teachers in an interactive way. The school is fully equipped to cater to the needs of aspiring children. The academic environment is very conducive to learning. It makes them feel protected, cared for and nurtured in the lap of nature. Activity-based pattern of learning, cultural celebrations, moral values, hobby clubs, inter house competitions, games, speeches, debates, quiz contests, educational tours and travel are some of the programmes for the expression of their talent.

About Society

Founded in to 2005 “The Bhageshwari Education Service & Training Society”, sponsored by the leading house, educationist and visionary of Bhageshwari is committed to excellence in education with a Vision to provide environment conducive to quality education, to develop and empower the abundance of human resource and to further the cause of nation building. The society has established Vision India School as its first venture in the field of education.
Its motto, lets’ nurture talent is a clarion call to all like minded persons to come and join this mission. Our country has tremendous potential in the form of human resource. Every child is unique and gifted. He/She has his/her on potential. But it’s a challenge to identify and nurture his/her unique talent.
We, at Vision India School, under the aegis of Sh.Ram Ratan Yadav, with dedicated staff and co-operative parents have taken this challenge.
This is our aim, our mission, our vision and also our reward.
So our motto lets’ nurture talent aptly includes all.